Octopi CommerceTM: "ReachTM" for "Customer Experience as a Service"

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Old habits die hard. Especially for marketers. Consumers used to be considered audiences with ‘targets’ painted on their backs for marketing teams around the globe. Then they became bleacher-fillers to be ‘attracted’ by something exciting enough to grab their attention. All this time they were really nothing more than objects of attention. Nowadays we are witnessing one of the greatest paradigm shifts in consumer marketing and sales to hit since the advent of the internet. We have all essentially become elevated to being treated as ‘real people’ online now and part of a two-way conversation between companies and consumer audiences.

This two-way conversation known globally as “conversational commerce” is still not easy to come by. The transition is still in its infancy. Recent market research on disruption and market transitions suggests the beginnings of a shift from one-size-fits-all mass messaging to highly personalized and individualized offers instead of campaigns. Campaigns being the operative word, which still objectifies consumers as targets in its own way. However, to enable two-way conversations with relevant offers necessitates deeper and deeper insights and understandings.

The power of customer data at your fingertips is the starting point. The next few layers of understanding through artificial intelligence of knowing how to translate, correlate and utilize the data optimally is the next critical component to all marketing efforts. Identifying the optimal budget spend and subsequent decision making is what propels companies forward. Then the ability to measure results and effectiveness in order to increase the gains and optimize the next go around is instrumental in creating your own internal guiding narrative and then externally empowering these two-way business conversations.

In the wake of these shifting tides, trendsetters like Amazon are pursuing a new way of measuring marketing results: linking online customer behavior to offline purchasing. Small and medium-sized brick and mortar business owners lack deep pockets as well as the expertise to utilize their customer data to create relevant revenue-driving offers. Now there is an option for small and medium sized businesses to get enterprise SaaS level tools to enable these two-way conversations, gain critical insights, and increase and retain customer base and revenues, and it is provided by Octopi CommerceTM and called the “ReachTM” Platform.

After careful evaluation and analysis, the “ReachTM” Platform is indisputably the best bet. Octopi is the only technology leader offering all of the aforementioned within the context of these two way enabled business conversations. Their focus is on “Customer Experience as a Service” and RESULTS. We have found that Octopi is dedicated to driving seamless and personalized customer experiences as part of their corporate mission. At the heart of the “ReachTM” Platform is a results-driven, AI-powered CDP that creates highly personalized automated marketing offers, real-time customer engagement, and ROI reporting and analytics. “The ReachTM platform is best summed up in three words— Simple. Automated. IntelligentTM” says Andrew Bourne, President and CTO of Octopi. “The easy to use platform and marketing automation tools ‘Reaches Out’ to its end-users with personal, relevant and timely messages.”

The Octopi “ReachTM” marketing automation platform offers a suite of tools to optimize budget spending and decision-making confirmed with an analytics insights dashboard. Built on solid partnerships with the point of sale (POS) developers, Octopi’s enterprise SaaS model for businesses empowers merchants in optimizing RESULTS. Following an email verification of a new client, the “ReachTM” CDP begins analyzing merchant data to schedule its first customer conversation. Eventually, “ReachTM” takes over the task of deploying these conversational offers independently, which allows the merchants to focus exclusively on running their business. The B2B CDP analyzes merchant data, customer base, purchasing history, buying patterns, and inventory levels before launching an automated conversational commerce offer with a Results Dashboard that displays the outcome in real-time. The SaaS-based CDP also comprises a data warehouse management component that provides analytics and ad-hoc capabilities for Q&A, turning transactional data into an analytics engine with actionable insights.

Our Reach platform is best summed up in three words: “Simple. Automated. Intelligent.TM

“The secret to continuing, trusted, successful customer conversations is to understand people’s intentions, behavior, and interests and then “Reach Out” to them with the right message, right offer, in the right place, at the right time,” reveals Jaime Abromovitz, CMO of Octopi. “ReachTM” does this through its underlying technology called the “HyperAttraction Engine” or “HeAtTM”. “HeATTM” is an advanced machine-learning algorithm, which solves the all-too-often encountered problem of easily ignored email and text-based marketing strategies and replaces it with conversation starters. This is how the most valuable aspect of the new marketing paradigm shift begins with a person-to-person (or company) introduction. Once a basic mutual understanding occurs, then highly personalized two-way conversations containing specific, requested and relevant offers can be created, focused on acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers through multiple channels. The tool’s ability to measure the RESULTS of offers in real-time aids managers and decision makers in identifying the two-way conversations in continually prioritized ways.

At the core, “ReachTM” is more like your personal business marketing decision maker. “ReachTM” first analyzes all the relevant data and correlations of behavior patterns and reported vs. observed preferences of their customers, in order to suggest the best possible business growth decisions for merchants. Within the context of conversational commerce, “ReachTM” provides an intelligent appointment and yield management engine, “AutoFillTM,” to aid restaurants, spas, and salons functioning on a fixed schedule in understanding customer behavior and creating valuable and desired offers for hard-to-fill or off-peak appointment slots. “AutoFillTM” makes it possible to book round-the-clock online appointments and shifts customer booking habits to find appointments for slow times automatically.

The realization that brand and reputation management is of prime concern to merchants has led Octopi to integrate powerful “Reviews and Reputation Management” capabilities into “ReachTM” to safeguard their clients’ reputations. This tool tracks user ratings and highlights positive customer sentiments as testimonials on merchant websites to boost in-store selling efforts. In the case of negative reviews, “ReachTM” proactively mitigates issues by allowing the merchant to reach out to the concerned customers, again within the context of healthy and trusted conversations.

The deployment of the “ReachTM” marketing automation suite through POS systems has already had great results and successes. The ReachTM platform yields four 4 times “Return on Investment” or “ROI” for merchants and enables users to deploy useful practices based on data and hard evidence. Clients can utilize the national “ReachTM” of the platform and build upon best practices. The channel-oriented system works through POS to ensure maximum benefit across the value chain, from POS developers and resellers to merchants to consumers. The real-time engagement and ROI reporting offered by the “ReachTM” Platform not only makes a vast quantity of data available to merchants but also provides actionable insights optimizing their decision-making process. In addition, Octopi’s knowledge base containing video and documentation support assists clients in utilizing its toolset optimally for better two-way conversations.

Since 2018, Octopi has been offering conversational commerce to its merchants with the advantage of a “simple and frictionless onboarding process” with “no set up fee.” Since then, its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds, boosting its sales by five times in the last months alone. Soon Octopi plans a new release of its results-oriented CDP utilizing AI and machine learning which incorporates industry-specific practices within various verticals to benefit its customers further. “Simple. Automated. Intelligent.” Octopi.