ADARA: 360-Degree View on Traveler Behavior

Layton Han, CEO, ADARALayton Han, CEO
Customer engagement platforms are at the center of a brand’s data strategy. They act as a single source of truth across a brand’s marketing and advertising regimes, unifying customer identity and allowing for seamless cross channel communications. However, several states are rolling out privacy laws that will restrict the use of 3rd party cookie data and Google just announced that Chrome will end 3rd party cookie support in two years. As a result, many brands have started rethinking their data strategy, focusing primarily on high-quality data-sources that can augment their own first-party data. CIOs understand the importance of data and are working towards transforming information into actionable insights for the marketing teams. “ADARA has developed a model that provides a unique, holistic understanding of traveler patterns, trends, and behavior. As we transition and focus more on our data business, we are taking vast amounts of data and extracting actionable insights from it to work hand-in-hand with brands,” says Layton Han, CEO of ADARA. “This is a good step forward, and it should make data targeting more accurate, but brands do need to have plans in place for identity management, rights management, data storage, and use.”

ADARA manages a co-op of more than 270 global travel brands, providing a wide variety of traveler insights across air, hotel, car rentals, tourism and more. With this unique data offering, ADARA is capable of helping brands understand a 360-degree view of the traveler’s behavior. In addition, this data helps brands break through their narrow single-facet view to better understand their share of voice and wallet, and also understand how their traveler's plan, search and buy. All of these market differentiators, in turn, will fuel ADARA’s growth as a company focused on data solutions.

We exhibit the utmost clarity in data utilization. When our partner provides data, we tell them exactly how we use it.

ADARA has three competitive differentiators. Firstly, the size and quality of data obtained from its partners are unprecedented in the market. Secondly, ADARA is laser-focused on responsible data management across privacy and rights management as well as data sharing and data storage functions, which gives its clients the much-needed confidence in the solution as more privacy regulations get rolled out going forward. Third, ADARA uses machine learning to derive insights that benefit its clients across their entire customer lifecycle. As the company builds out and grows its data analytics and insights offering, brands realize that they have a partner that understands their unique needs.

“We exhibit the utmost clarity in data utilization. When our partner provides data, we tell them exactly how we use it. Moreover, we secure all the data that we receive from our partners by storing it safely. That is why we are able to work with airlines and hotel chains. They trust us,” adds Layton. To further elaborate on the core functionality of the ADARA travel intelligence platform, the use case of a major airline that utilized ADARA traveler intelligence for loyalty programs can be taken as a reference. With ADARA’s help, the airline was able to increase loyalty program registration rates with elite travelers, appropriately present loyalty tiers to prospective loyalty members, and drive incremental bookings among loyalty program registrants. Likewise, in another instance, ADARA helped a global hotel brand increase their direct bookings by 25% with direct booking optimization by implementing ADARA’s intelligent customer segments to qualify valuable customers and deliver personalized offers across the traveler’s journey.

Bolstered by such achievements, ADARA is now moving away from media buying services to focus more on data intelligence. The company plans to increase the use of machine learning and AI to deliver predictive and actionable insights for brands as they take on more ownership of their data strategy. “We are also planning major advances to data management and privacy across our platform that will offer security as well as flexibility for our clients,” concludes Layton.
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Layton Han, CEO

Built on the world's largest travel data co-op, ADARA offers traveler intelligence for brands. ADARA empowers the world's leading travel brands to grow the industry together. Built on the world's richest travel data co-op, ADARA offers people-based insights for travel companies. Clients get a value-based understanding of their relationship with their customers, with travel patterns, trends and behavior from more than 850 million monthly unique traveler profiles across more than 200 of the world's top travel brands. ADARA delivers critical intelligence to activate personalization and relevance throughout the customer journey for sustainable growth.