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James Meyers, Head of MarTech Strategy, ActionIQJames Meyers, Head of MarTech Strategy
It was the middle of a weekday when Mr. Smith suddenly received a mobile notification from his favorite clothing store. The retailer was promoting a flash sale for a suit he would have had on his wish list for quite some time. Delighted, Smith opened the retailer’s online shopping application to try on the suit virtually. As he selected his preferred size, he got another on-screen notification offering him discounts on matching shirts, ties, and shoes. At the checkout page, he could even choose a custom-made embroidered monogram for just a few dollars more. And two days later, Smith got his tailored suit delivered to his doorstep.

From start to finish, the customer experience (CX) that Smith received felt convenient, helpful, and personalized. And this relevant, impactful engagement—demonstrating the brand knew precisely what its customer wanted and delivering it in real-time—did more than close a sale. It helped the retailer build brand affinity and encourage customer loyalty. But how does a brand orchestrate such next-level CX? James Meyers—head of MarTech strategy at ActionIQ— explains that the answer lies in harnessing the true power of data within an organization by getting it into the hands of everyday business users, not just technical teams.

“In order to craft the most frictionless CX, businesses need a complete picture of their target audiences—and the ability to take action on it,” says Meyers. “Such a picture can only be derived when the company has a unified view of its data scattered and siloed across multiple departments like marketing, sales, and customer support. This data has to be democratized and made available outside of technical teams. Moreover, brands have to not only unify and analyze customer data but also operationalize it into personalized experiences.”

Fortunately, Meyers’ company, ActionIQ, has developed an eponymous, centralized customer data platform (CDP) to help brands do just that.

The ActionIQ CDP acts as a CX Hub that unifies customer data, puts it into the hands of those who need it to extract actionable insights, and enables B2C and B2B brands to turn those insights into experiences across all online and offline channels. In this way, brands are able to stand out from the competition, solidify customer loyalty, and increase customer lifetime value.

At present, some of the leading businesses of their domains—such as The New York Times and The Washington Post from the media & publishing industry, fashion industry icon Michael Kors, Shopify from the e-commerce solution space, Autodesk from the B2B technology arena, and M&T Bank on the financial front—are leveraging the ActionIQ CDP to craft more personalized and holistic CX for millions of their respective customers.

Under the Hood of ActionIQ’s CDP

The ActionIQ CDP sits between the technical and business layers of an organization. On the technical side, it taps into offline and online customer data sources to build a full picture of the customer profile. The business applications are where data is analyzed, and customers are segmented and crosschannel experiences are orchestrated for marketing, sales, and customer service use cases. ActionIQ CDP is at the intersection of these two worlds, acting as the operational layer for the entire company’s CX management.
With transparent predictive analytics, brands are able to not only proactively grow revenue and prevent churn based on customer data analysis but also determine why a specific data model produces certain outputs, unlike other black-box approaches. This means organizations can put full trust in the analytical outputs and make customercentric business decisions more confidently.

By connecting various best-ofbreed technologies, enterprise companies can use the ActionIQ CDP to enhance their other tools and tactics—such as identity enrichment and website personalization—no matter what their unique business needs. “We offer purpose-built tools to serve different CX strategies,” notes Meyers. “This is also the reason why our CDP can be used across industries and verticals to meet different use case scenarios.” ActionIQ customers can turn features on or off based on their point-in-time requirements, with auto-scaling to leverage leading-edge technologies with additional cost savings.

Equally impressive is ActionIQ’s attention to data governance. As opposed to storing the massive amount of businesscritical consumer data on a third-party database, ActionIQ enables its customers to store it within their existing enterprise solutions. As a result, data is not moved to a different location outside companies’ own security architecture, allowing them to maintain tighter control and improved data integrity. As data protection and privacy continue to grow in importance, features such as these will be instrumental in achieving the next stage of the CX revolution.
  • The ActionIQ CDP acts as a CX Hub that unifies customer data, puts it into the hands of those who need it to extract actionable insights and enables B2C and B2B brands to turn those insights into experiences across all online and offline channels

Putting Clients at the Heart of its Business

While businesses leverage ActionIQ to bolster customercentricity, ActionIQ works to make sure its customers are at the center of everything it does. A testament to this is the three core pillars of ActionIQ, which underpin its approach to customer onboarding and engagement.

The first pillar is time to value. As Meyers highlights, the ActionIQ CDP can be deployed and put to use within 45- 90 days, a rather quick implementation driving faster ROI. Like speed, the quality of its product, including use cases and integrations, forms an equally important pillar for ActionIQ. At no point does it allow a trade-off between speed and long-term productivity. The third pillar supplementing the other two is ActionIQ’s superior customer support. ActionIQ’s customers can rest assured that the company will always be by their side if they face any problem while using their solution.

At this juncture, ActionIQ is poised to enhance its CDP’s capabilities even further. The company is doubling its investment in additional functionalities, such as a realtime API for instant consumer data sharing and newer data ingestion (collection) channels. At the same time, ActionIQ is looking at footprint expansion as well. “We’re expanding our operations in Europe and APAC regions,” mentions Meyers. “All in all, we want to be the customer experience hub that brands use to provide their customers with exceptional experiences.”
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James Meyers, Head of MarTech Strategy

ActionIQ revolutionizes the way brands think about customer experience, digital transformation and the value of customer data as a core corporate asset, solving enterprise data challenges and empowering companies to create superior customer experiences across all brand touchpoints. The ActionIQ Customer Experience Hub (CX Hub) is an extensible hub powered by a customer data platform (CDP) upon which an open ecosystem of packaged use-case-oriented applications built for business users to operationalize timely, consistent, and personalized customer experiences across every touchpoint.