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Top 10 Customer Data Platform Solution Companies - 2018

Customer engagement constitutes the lifeblood of business marketing. Marketers, today, stress upon having a 360-degree view of customers to facilitate the generation and conversion of marketing leads. Also, as companies turn their focus to being ‘data-driven’ by capturing a multitude of data sets for better consumer outreach, customer data platforms (CDPs) have made it to the list of must-haves for marketing activities. By acting as central repositories for customer data, leaving no scope for silos of data within, CDPs have essentially begun to redefine the customer engagement strategies of companies.

The rapidly changing preferences of customers make omnichannel engagements a must for any company to maintain a competitive position in the market. Consequently, the present day CDPs support one-to-one personalized customer engagement through email campaigns and chatbots; cross-channel interactions are also much in vogue. Social media interactions are scanned thoroughly to identify negative feedback from dissatisfied customers so that companies can reach out to them well in time to address the lapses, before their negative feedback on social media channels go viral and damage the company’s reputation.

The various developments occurring in the CDP arena has certainly caught the attention of business leaders and decision-makers, who are on the lookout for best-in-class CDP solutions for their organizations to improve customer experience. To present a view of the dynamism prevailing in the CDP realm for all the C-suite executives, a distinguished panel comprising CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, analysts and the Marketing Tech Outlook editorial board, has reviewed companies that have made a mark in the CDP arena.

In this edition of Marketing Tech Outlook, we present to you the “Top 10 Customer Data Platform Solution Providers—2018.”

    Top Customer Data Platform Solution Companies

  • The firm helps in customer identity management and recognition cross-channel, and even cross-device, at the scale of the U.S adult population

  • Provides a unified SaaS offering that combines big data analytics, discrete customer insights, intuitive visual segmentation, and simple customer journey mapping

  • A vendor-neutral consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations use CDPs to integrate data and engage customers most effectively

  • AgilOne


    Offers the AgilOne customer data platform for enterprise B2C companies that provides a behavioral understanding of customer across multiple channels through predictive models

  • Amperity


    Provides a data platform that rapidly and intelligently unifies customer data at scale to help brand marketers create specialized consumer experiences

  • BlueConic


    A leading provider of customer data platform that liberates marketers’ first-party data from multiple disparate systems and makes it available to marketers when needed

  • CaliberMind


    Helps marketers connect with the right buyer through analysis and activation of data to drive high-growth in B2B SaaS organizations by acquiring new buyers

  • Segment


    Provides a single API to track customer data across multiple devices and channels, and send it to third-party tools, internal systems, or a SQL database, with the flip of a switch

  • Tealium


    Tealium powers the new era of real-time customer engagement and marketing, enabling global businesses to unlock their customer data and create more meaningful, customer experiences



    Offers a B2C CRM next-generation marketing platform to help marketers understand campaigns that drive first purchases, repeat purchases, customer loyalty, and average order value