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Kabir Shahani, co-founder & CEO; Derek Slager, co-founder & CTO, AmperityKabir Shahani, co-founder & CEO; Derek Slager, co-founder & CTO In today's hyper-competitive landscape, the ability to deliver relevant customer experience is the most critical factor that drives a brand's success. As customers engage with brands through multiple channels, companies need to first collate the data and then make use of it to understand and build insights about their customers. The insights of yesteryear were all about product: how many products did I ship yesterday; how many products were returned by region or by brand. But now we know that we can go further and achieve more by organizing insights and metrics around customers: how many customers did I acquire this week? What's the value of those customers to the brand? How many customers churned?

Brands need to share that view of the customer across the company so that it guides business decisions in marketing, analytics, and IT. But gaining strategic customer insights from siloed data can be tricky. It means merging data from online, offline, and other disparate sources into a single profile, as well managing ever-increasing volumes of data at low costs. This often turns out to be incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

“With unique and patented IP, Amperity was purpose-built to solve something that no one else has been able to solve—data quality at scale”

"With unique and patented IP, Amperity was purpose-built to solve something that no one else has been able to solve—data quality at scale," says Derek Slager, co-founder and CTO at Amperity. The company is changing the game for the world's largest consumer brands with its unique customer data and identity platform. Unlike DIY approaches, marketing clouds, and other “pure-play” CDPs, Amperity's platform provides the sophistication, flexibility, and expertise to overcome the most daunting roadblocks on the path towards customer-centricity at scale. "Amperity is the only CDP that uses AI to comprehensively solve the most significant challenges standing between having customer data and using customer data—giving organizations the power to make better decisions and deliver more personalized customer experiences," says Slager. “We enable brands to take control of their customer data to systematically improve customer relationships and drive lasting brand engagement and loyalty.”

Building an Effective Customer Data Foundation

Brands have long been struggling with the fundamental problem of not having a way to build the customer data foundation that could serve the whole organization, including marketing, analytics, customer support, and compliance departments. "Customer data isn't just a marketing issue. The brands we work with bring marketing, analytics, and IT together because they’re all looking for one complete and unified view of the customer, and without that will undoubtedly face challenges on their journey towards customer-centricity,” says . There are three foundational challenges that brands invariably face on their journey to customer-centricity:

• Customer data is a mess: It's massive, full of errors, takes on different shapes and formats, and is impossible to unify and maintain using existing tools and approaches. No one-time clean up can solve this. Customer data will always be messy in nature.

• Finding the right opportunities in your data is slow or impossible: Companies don't have the time or expertise to consistently mine their data to determine where to invest and who to reach, when, on which channels, and with which experiences for the highest returns.

• You can't measure, analyze, and improve customer outcomes all in one place: A company's data, insights, and campaign execution aren't connected. So, as they deploy campaigns, they struggle to make proper use of insights and measure campaign impact against business-wide customer KPIs.

"These challenges have left marketers and analytics professionals frustrated for years," says Slager. And the same old approaches—tools that focus just on data ingestion and distribution (but nothing in between), platforms that duplicate capabilities you already have, endless in-house data unification projects, and marketing clouds that consistently over-promise and under-deliver— aren't working.

We have a portfolio of world-leading customers with a 103 percent renewal rate who see us as the secret ingredient that's enabling them to personalize customer experiences on their journeys towards customer-centricity

"To address the problems that consistently trip up organizations on the path to delivering great customer experience, we had to build a platform that worked differently," Slager adds. It's not enough to solve just one problem – you have to address them all, or there's just too much friction to execute at scale.”

Amperity's platform is built on three key principles of sophistication, expertise, and flexibility to address these challenges.

Sophistication: The platform applies state-of-the-art machine learning, enterprise-grade security, and cloud efficiencies across every facet of customer data management—from identity resolution to predictive customer insights—all in the service of solving for these normally knotty issues in an easy, fast, and painless way.

Expertise: To leapfrog the challenges associated with too much data and too few insights, Amperity has built a team of specialists across data management, predictive analytics, and data-driven marketing execution to shape and streamline the product. The company incorporated best practices and simplified processes, ultimately helping its customers accelerate speed to value and focus on their most important opportunities.

Flexibility: To handle the constant change and diversity of data, systems, teams, and use cases, Amperity's platform flexes to the client's needs, instead of asking them to conform to the constraints of the system. "We designed our CDP with the flexibility to solve problems now and avoid more problems in the future -- that means no-ETL ingest from any data source, control over how the data is shaped, and tools for safely and easily managing changes." says Slager.

The AI that powers the platform accounts for the complexities and messiness of real-world customer data. The company applies a patented machine learning-powered approach to unify records from each available system accurately and comprehensively, even in cases where records lack fields like email address, loyalty number, phone number, or other traditional identity markers.

Amperity's platform generates over 70 attributes and dozens of predictive insights on every customer, including predictions on who is likely to churn; who is warming/cooling; and who should receive which offer, experience, or product. It automatically surfaces the ideas that matter most to a business. The platform also provides the feedback loop needed to take action, test results, and measure the impact on core customer KPIs including customer lifetime value (CLV), average order value (AOV), and total customer count. The platform can seamlessly connect to a company's existing campaign deployment ecosystem and assist in improving campaign strategies over time. "We also provide interactive visualizations to track customer metrics and capabilities to generate and compare audiences, so they can quickly find the insights, audiences, and actions that move all the needles in the right direction," says Slager.

A Favorite Partner for Brands

Amperity has gained serious traction in the market. "We work with some of the most respected and loved brands, who see us as the secret ingredient that's enabling them to win customer loyalty by personalizing customer experiences," says Slager.

One such customer is Lucky Brand, a denim icon with 150 company-owned retail stores and a thriving eCommerce business. The Lucky team, committed to serving their customers by excelling at personalization and offering incredible experiences, made several investments in cuttingedge technology and world-class marketing and customer experience teams. But the brand still struggled to build a unified view of their customers. This was a blocker for the kinds of personalized experiences they wanted to deliver.
Lucky had 12.7 million records spread across four important data sources, and needed a platform that could unify all this data, intelligently and at-scale.

“We chose Amperity because the platform enables us to build a more comprehensive customer view than any other platform on the market — and the results speak for themselves. During a 12 week proof of capability, we identified 1.5 million previously unknown customers and correctly attributed $192 million in customer lifetime value (CLV) by linking siloed data sources. This is the first step in building a holistic and actionable understanding of our customers, and the foundation for best-in-class personalization and customer experiences,” said Michael Relich, COO of Lucky Brand.

Lucky Brand chose Amperity for its speed, intelligence, sophistication, and scale. “There’s no other solution on the market with customer data unification capabilities that come close to Amperity’s. We’re finding connections in our data where there are no unique identifiers. Without the power of Amperity’s algorithms, those connections would remain hidden and the data would simply go to waste,” Michael said.

Using Amperity, they were able to ingest the data raw, in its complete and native format, freeing their teams from data transformations or schema mapping. While traditional approaches take months to fully integrate all source data, Amperity was up and running in weeks, maximizing Lucky’s speed to value. Once data was in the system, Lucky made the most of Amperity’s proprietary machine learning algorithms, designed and trained to accurately match customer records, to find the hidden connections in their data and build comprehensive customer profiles.

Once customer views were created, Lucky Brand could use the Amperity UI to explore, segment, and deliver data downstream. The first set of use cases the team is delivering is to send unified data to their Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and other downstream engagement and analytics systems.

Outperforming Competition

Amperity was founded with a mission to invent a platform that helps brands use data to serve their customers. The product is built from the ground up for flexibility and customization in order to serve a broad range of B2C businesses, not just retail, and to go beyond being a marketer’s tool to serve all teams within an organization who have a hand in improving customer experiences. Amperity's first invention, with three patents granted and several others pending, is a way to understand and unify customer identity using just first-party data using machine learning without hand-coded rules. "Once you have that invention, it then creates a platform for further inventions where you can now automatically organize the data to have predictive attributes, lifetime value, and other characteristics. This ultimately creates an opportunity to invent and create new ways for the brand to visualize and understand their customers that have never been possible before," explains Slager.

Amperity fosters a culture of curiosity, learning, as well as sharing experiences for consumers. "As we're building a system from the inside out, almost everything we do is inventing new things on top of the system in order to help our customers get more value out of them. We do that by working with and listening to our customers every single day," asserts Slager. The company follows the same culture internally as well. "Our product team is in sales meetings so they can help customers understand whether the product is right for them. Our customer success team is working with our engineering team to figure out how we build a new feature based on what we're learning from a customer today." No wonder some of the world's most-loved brands, trust Amperity to help them transform raw customer data into lasting customer loyalty, including Alaska Airlines, Planet Fitness, Lucky Brand, Kenneth Cole, Crocs, BECU (credit union), Kendra Scott, GlaxoSmithKline, e.l.f. Cosmetics, and Crocs.

"We feel we’re at the start of the market and the first company to really deeply apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to the incredibly challenging goal of unifying customer data. Because of that, we’re privileged to be in a space where we can learn with our customers," he adds. Amperity aims to continue doing this by helping its customers build a team that isn't just about the product, engineering, and sales but also about customer success, support, and consulting.
- Debra Morgan
    May 15, 2020
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Kabir Shahani, co-founder & CEO; Derek Slager, co-founder & CTO and Amy Kelleran Pelly, Chief Financial Officer; Chris Jones, Chief Product Officer; Corey Pierson, Chief Customer Officer; Barry Padgett, President of Field Operations & COO; Mary Miller, SVP of Business Operations & People; Christina Miller, General Counsel

Amperity helps consumer brands use data to better serve their customers. Amperity uses AI and machine learning to rapidly transform massive amounts of raw data into a comprehensive and actionable Customer 360. That unified customer view immediately improves marketing performance, fuels accurate analytics, and leads to world-class customer experiences. With Amperity, technical teams are freed from endless integration and data management, and business teams have direct access to the insights they need to build long-term customer loyalty and drive growth. Amperity serves many of the world’s most loved brands, including Alaska Airlines, BECU, J. Crew, Crocs, Kendra Scott, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Lucky Brand, Planet Fitness, Seattle Sounders FC, Stanley, and many more.