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Paul Mandeville, CEO and Chief Product Officer, QuickPivotPaul Mandeville, CEO and Chief Product Officer
“Marketers are drowning in data and thirsting for insights,” begins Paul Mandeville, CEO and chief product officer of QuickPivot, a customer data platform built for retailers. In today’s fast-growing retail marketing space, organizations use massive stacks of software to analyze siloed customer data, which provide a disjointed and incomplete view of the bigger picture. On the operations front, marketers deal with the inability to merge data from disparate sources to produce a “Golden Customer Record.” Meanwhile, as customers continue to contribute to the data deluge by shopping through multiple channels, marketers are leaving no stone unturned in taking control of the data, only to be stalled by the inefficiency of their existing technology. The QuickPivot customer data platform empowers marketers to take control of customer data.

According to Mandeville, to consolidate data from multiple sources, it is important for marketers to write rules that treat data retrieved from those sources uniquely. Since several data sources may be incomplete, the associated systems need to classify and connect data based on quality and create new actionable data using existing information. Using QuickPivot’s innovative platform, organizations can connect several marketing technology systems and data sources, such as CRM, e-commerce platform, and the internal database. QuickPivot’s customer data platform allows individuals to configure new connections to local data sources through a transparent and simplified user interface. Users can author the rules to handle data of different quality in a way that best suits the business model.

The company’s SaaS-based platform allows clients to bring first-party and local data and uses pre-written rules to capture information and provide insights. The next step in the process after data standardization is customer analysis and segmentation.
QuickPivot empowers marketers to perform analysis on massive datasets, proving beneficial by offering speed and ease-of-use. Finally, the platform measures the efficiency of customer interaction and feeds information back to the data management process, implementing a closed-loop marketing process.

Marketers are drowning in data and thirsting for insights

Thriving in an arena that is filled to the brim with solution providers, QuickPivot stands out with its ability to help clients attain significant growth in operational efficiency. With faster targeted-segmentation, database queries are handled in less than a second and require no technical competencies, providing marketers with more time to get their jobs done. “Another major advantage provided by QuickPivot is that digital, online, and offline catalog teams all work with the same tool,” adds Mandeville. With QuickPivot, marketers can create triggerbased, cross-channel customer journeys that incorporate both print and digital communications.

QuickPivot works with a variety of retailers that are focused on creating amazing brand experiences for their customers. One customer, a high-end men's footwear retailer, demonstrates the positive impact that QuickPivot’s customer data platform can have. The footwear firm was dealing with five different vendors—a marketing database, an agency to pull catalog mailing lists, an email marketing system, a data analytics vendor, and creative strategy agency—all this to support the web, email, and catalog direct mail channels. The marketing stack proved cumbersome, particularly due to the shortage of marketing resources. QuickPivot replaced four out of the five systems, resulting in the client merging online and offline marketing into a single platform, reducing costs tremendously and doubling work capacity. Over the following two years, the client uncovered previously overlooked data, which helped create over $2 million in incremental revenue opportunities.

Looking at the road ahead, QuickPivot aims to expand the platform's capabilities, making it more intuitive and giving marketers even more control over the data. With machine learning capabilities as a part of its solutions, QuickPivot hopes to spread its wings through the travel and hospitality and retail financial services segments.
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Paul Mandeville, CEO and Chief Product Officer

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