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Bart Heilbron, Founder & CEO, BlueConicBart Heilbron, Founder & CEO
Modern marketing relies on data. The customer data collected from online and offline sources: through websites, mobile applications, e-commerce portals, POS systems, CRM systems, and more is crucial for brands to effectively understand and engage customers at every point in their journey. In recent years, the customer data platform (CDP) has emerged as the definitive technology for enabling brands to transform their relationship with customers and ultimately improve business outcomes.

Despite being a relatively new marketing technology category with many marketing solutions providers repositioning themselves as CDP vendors over the last couple years, BlueConic has been a pure-play CDP from the very beginning when it established its headquarters in Boston, MA in 2014.

“Explicitly designed for marketers, our CDP liberates firstparty data from siloed and disparate systems to establish a single customer view that is it accessible wherever and whenever it is required for marketing activation,” explains Bart Heilbron, CEO and co-founder of BlueConic.

One of the core benefits of BlueConic is improved operational efficiency across the marketing organization and in its relationships with data science, analytics, and IT — an often-overlooked aspect of adopting a CDP. On average, marketers utilize 30 to 40 different applications a week to support their efforts. By providing marketers with direct access to unified, actionable first-party customer data, BlueConic creates a glue between systems that didn’t exist before, so marketers can quickly make adjustments to personalized messaging and lifecycle marketing programs that drive better outcomes.

“Our CDP boasts several capabilities such as automated customer data collection across all the different channels and technologies in the marketing ecosystem,” says Heilbron.
Individual attributes such as demographics, interests, consent status, and past purchases are captured, consolidated, and persistently stored in unified customer profiles that can be usedto support a wide range of marketing activation use cases. BlueConic’s CDP also allows marketers to leverage predictive models for customer scoring such as a customer’s lifetime value or their propensity to buy a certain product, which can be added as an attribute in their profile.

Explicitly designed for marketers, our CDP liberates first-party data from siloed and disparate systems to establish a single customer view that is it accessible wherever and whenever it is required for marketing activation

BlueConic’s CDP empowers marketers to not only recognize the customer and all their attributes at every point in their individual journey, but also orchestrate individualized experiences that benefit both the customer and the business in every stage of the customer lifecycle. Additionally, BlueConic places a strong emphasis on mitigating liabilities related to customer data. The data collection process is transparent and conducted only with consent from customers, particularly in regions with strict explicit opt-in regulation such as GDPR. Customers have the freedom to change their preferences regarding the information that is collected about them. BlueConic’s CDP automatically tracks any changes to privacy preferences in real time within the unified customer profile, and then federates those updates out to other relevant systems.

One of BlueConic’s customers, a multi-brand retail company, was on a journey to become a truly customer-centric organization. To support the transformation, they implemented BlueConic, which enabled them to eliminate the need for external service partners that were creating static segments based on basic demographic data. Using BlueConic, the customer was able to build their own multi-dimensional segments based on a combination of attributes – including demographic, behavioral, and affinity-based aspects -- and instantly send them to their activation channels to drastically improve email and social targeting. Moving forward, BlueConic intends to enhance its lifecycle orchestration capabilities, which enable marketers to move away from rigid, rules-based workflows and optimize programs based on where every individual customer and prospect is in their unique journey in real time. BlueConic is uniquely positioned to deliver on the promise of cross-channel customer lifecycle orchestration in a scalable manner.
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Boston, MA

Bart Heilbron, Founder & CEO

A CDP that gives marketers access to unified, actionable customer data that offers both the confidence and utility required to orchestrate individualized experiences across channels and in every stage of the customer lifecycle